Erin Lavender, Engineer at B & P Manufacturing, on the excitement of changing seasons.

It is time for the meltdown, a time of year most of us in Northern Michigan look forward to, time to put away the winter toys and wait patiently for it to warm up enough to start the summer fun.  It’s funny how we acclimate ourselves to the cold because the first day it hits 50 degrees we are rolling down our windows and walking outside in a t-shirt with an extra little spring in our step.  The sun feels good.  We have the opportunity to experience all four seasons in Cadillac, something that I really treasure.

As winter winds down and I am feeling a bit of the winter blues we have the promise that spring will come, the snow will melt and the sun will feel a bit warmer each day.  I am usually anxious to get back outside without all the extra layers of clothing and boots.  The sound of my running shoes on the pavement and the sun on my face is a welcome change even though the air is still cool.  My kids are quick to get their bikes back out as soon as the driveway is clear enough to ride, and we might add a trip to the park or a walk around the lake as soon as the ice is off and the waves are rolling again.  These are all signs that spring is on its way – one of the four great seasons we have here, each with their own list of reasons why we love where we live, work and play.