Wayne Crawford, Injection Molding Supervisor at Rexair LLC, on outdoor winter fun in Cadillac.

We are in the heart of winter here in Northern Michigan, even though it took a long time coming this year. Now we are knee deep in snow and the cold has set in. But for us living here in beautiful Cadillac, Michigan, that just means changing gears by putting away the summer/fall clothes and breaking out the winter clothes. It does not stop us from enjoying the outdoors; we just get different toys out of the garage!

I have found that living in Cadillac offers a ton of things to do in every season, but we live in one of the best places to enjoy all that winter has to offer. After work I go home, grab some dinner, then throw the skis in the back of the truck. Within 20 minutes I’m skiing down the hills at Caberfae Peaks. I do that for an hour or two then back home with still enough time to sit down and watch a little TV and unwind before going to bed. I think, “Wow, how nice is that? The people I meet on the hills have driven hours to get there and this is right in my back yard.”

Cadillac offers another thing I love doing and most people drive hours to come to Cadillac to do — snowmobiling. Cadillac offers miles and miles of great trails and I can do all of them starting right from my garage. How nice is that?! A few calls to some buddies, and we are off riding. One of the fun parts is picking where we want to ride to today. Most of the time it’s riding to some place to eat, like Coyote Crossing or Lakeside Charlie’s. We try to pick somewhere different each time to change it up. The possibilities are endless. The trails getting to these places are nicely groomed and have beautiful scenery. You might even see some wild live on the trip. Everyone you come across is friendly and has a smile on his or her face. Why wouldn’t they, they’re having fun in the snow on a big kids toys! That is always a great time.

One more thing we are blessed to do in the winter months here in Cadillac is to spend time on our two lakes. This time of year you can walk out from your car and drill a hole in the ice and be fishing in no time. Just take a look out over the lake and you will see a group of people standing around having a good time trying to catch some of those nice fish just under the ice.

Outdoor actives don’t slow down for me just because old man winter has hit, I just put on another layer of clothes and go have fun in it!